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Anesha D
Excellent food and service. Wait staff is friendly and courteous...service is fast and efficient. Did I mention the food is amazing?!!! My husband got shrimp pad thai..which was great (he's pretty picky, as am I) and I got chicken pho....fantastic and filling.

Interestingly enough their menu is set to satisfy many different taste buds, as they have Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai options!

Give it a won't be disappointed
Clayton L
Absolutely delicious! I won't lie, I'm a very picky eater and was nervous to even come in. But with some coaxing from my BF I did, and we didn't regret it. We started with the meatball appetizer and it was fantastic. I am sauce adverse so I had mine plain, and it was still excellent. The meatballs had a lot of flavor without being too strong. I imagine they would be excellent in a soup.

For the main dishes, I had shrimp pad Thai that was pretty spot on. It was a little different than I expected, as the egg was fairly sweet. But with the shrimp (not dry or overcooked!) and noodles, it all came together very well. They certainly didn't skimp on the shrimp either. It was pretty rich though with the sweetness, but I guess most people would add some spice anyway (I am a spice wimp). My bf had the beef sauté and thought the beef was on the dry side but that the flavor was still very good. It came with a lot of sauce and onions, and the jasmine rice side mixed very well into it.

Overall, the prices were very reasonable and portion sizes were large. You definitely won't leave hungry! The atmosphere was pretty plain, and it's a very small restaurant so there is no privacy between tables, but still a nice clean place to eat. We will be back for sure.
Derek D
Great food, furniture and people working. Will continuously come back. Great hours. Nice mellow music playing.
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